Idea No. 1 – Find that Cash

It’s simple, it’s fairly obvious and perhaps it’s even a bit of a cheat!

But it’s also easy to overlook so here goes – don’t beat me up, just try it.

Search for money you’ve lost

Ridiculous right?

loose changeBut maybe not. I can virtually guarantee that you’ll come across some small change if you’ll just hunt it out. Here are some places to try – and remember, every single penny counts.

Don’t move on to Idea No 2 until you’ve thoroughly searched all the places below

  • Down the back/sides of the sofa and armchairs. Yes it’s a cliche, but you can usually find some loose change down there if you just get down on your hands and knees and suffer the indignity of bruised hands
  • All the drawers in your house where you may have thrown the odd £.  What about that cup or pen holder that may contain the odd 10p? Search it out
  • Your car. Start with those little hidey holes, glove box and other compartments. Then look down the back of each seat and scrabble around the floor a bit. Find anything?
  • Your pockets. Get out all your coats and jackets, both winter and summer and rifle through them. I’ve been know to find the odd fiver lying around. Search trouser pockets too.
  • Handbags, pouches and suitcases. Take everything out and search through every compartment. If you come across any euros or cents, put those aside too.
  • Hiding places. Do you have anywhere you may have squirreled away some cash “just in case”? Think hard – you may have forgotten where you put it
  • Check old bank, building society and Post Office accounts. Sometimes we abandon these with a few pounds left in. Do a Google search to discover how to locate any money left in dormant accounts. Be ruthless – it’s your money and you should have it in your pocket. Many people have old Post Office accounts with a few quid in them, amounting to millions of pounds nationwide. Claim yours!
  • Premium bonds. Perhaps your parents or grandparents bought you the odd premium bond when you were a child. Could you cash them in to give you a little extra money?
  • The shed, garage, outbuildings. Sometimes we take things out of our pockets and just dump them in a pot or on a bench. Could you have left cash anywhere in your garden or outside buildings?

So I hope you’ve found at least a little cash. At the very worst you’ve wasted half-an-hour, but I bet you’ve found some loose change at the very least!

It’s a start and it marks a change in your attitude towards money. Harness that changed view and move on to Idea No 2

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