Idea No 2 – What can you sell?

Another idea that may sound obvious – but I’ll bet there are things around your house that you could sell to raise cash.

The whole point of raising some money with these first two ideas is to give you a little something to get started with. Most businesses, however modest, will need a little capital to get you started, so let’s make the process easier.

If you really don’t have anything at all to sell, then you’ll have to move on to Idea No. 3, but I’m guessing that 98% of you will have something, but maybe you just haven’t realised it yet.

Here are some ideas for finding things to sell

  1. Sort out your old CDs, DVDs, videos and books. You can sell these on E-Bay or Amazon very easily. Invest a little time learning how these sites work and how you can sell almost anything.
  2. Go through your children’s old toys. You may need to give them a good clean, but you’ll be surprised how many can be resold once you’ve spruced them up.
  3. Sort through your clothes to find anything saleable that doesn’t fit or you’ve gone off.  Don’t forget to include shoes.  They may not raise a lot, but we’re looking for every penny here and on these sites you can add a reasonable amount for postage, which can boost your profit.
  4. Do you have a wedding gown or bridesmaid dress or christening gown that could raise some money?
  5. Search through your drawers and cupboards for things you’ve hidden away because you don’t use them any more. Do you have any unloved ornaments stored in a box somewhere or perhaps some old silver cups that you won as a baby?
  6. Any old furniture that can be sold as is, or perhaps you can paint it, rub down and sell it as shabby chic. Recycling in this way can be satisfying as well as profitable.
  7. Go through your garden and look for plants that you can plant in pots to sell at a boot sale. Even ivy, which grows all over the place, is worth good cash if you can get a few strands to grow up a cane. Or maybe you have some flowers that you can cut, tie up with a pretty ribbon or wrap in tissue to sell outside your house or at a boot sale.
  8. Do you have any craft items lying around the house that you could turn into something saleable?  Perhaps some wool that you could knit into hats or scarves or some spare material that you use to whip up some cushion covers or table runners. Use your imagination and come up with some creative ideas to add value to some of the stuff that’s been living in your home.

Good luck with your searches – try to think outside the box and create something out of nothing.

Check back for some more ideas shortly

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