I’m Peter Birkenhead – not that writer fellow who owned this domain name for years, but the REAL Peter Birkenhead, from Crawley, near Gatwick.

At last the imposter PB has given up his domain name, so I nipped in there super-fast and bought it!  Nothing like owning your own name is there?

So I’ll be writing this website, but to be honest I haven’t even decided what it’s to be about – maybe it’ll be a blog about my travelling, or perhaps I’ll have a rant about the Gatwick second runway (don’t get me started!)

It’s taken me a bit by surprise having the opportunity to buy my domain name, so I’ll be back when I’ve given it a bit more thought.

Cheers for now


PS I’m new to all this blogging and website stuff so I’m feeling my way around. Hopefully it’ll end up looking great once I get the hang of it all.